Oats Nutritional Benefits-What Makes It A Superfood?

Oats are a natural superfood because they are 100% whole grain, and contain vitamins and minerals. Oats nutritional benefits comprise of fiber and are unique in that they are one of the richest sources of rich beta-glucan, a soluble fiber. They are the good source of protein and provide protein and carbohydrate for energy.

Top 9 Oats Nutritional Benefits –

Following are the top nine nutritional benefits of having oats in your diet. Though there are many benefits I tried to concise them in the easiest way.


Oats good for fitness and bulking muscle

Carbs in oats is a great way for preparing your muscles for working out as it supplies the body with the energy it needs. It is a form of carbohydrate that you can have which is incredibly beneficial for your health.


Helps in Weight Loss

Oats for weight loss is an effective practice for those who are trying to lose some pounds. The calories in oats is low and do not add extra fat to the body and the high fiber content in oats absorbs water and provides a high level of satiety. There are many oats recipes for losing weight that one can prepare.


Oats are high in protein compared with other grains

Protein in oats are supremely beneficial to those who keep to a fitness regime or have physically demanding work due to their high protein. 40 grams of oats will offer you around 7 grams of protein which is high in number as compared to other grains. Adding oats to your diet is an ideal way to easily boost your protein intake.


Reduces Cholesterol

Oats are responsible for lowering LDL or “bad” cholesterol level in blood without affecting the HDL or good cholesterol level. This is due to the fact a soluble fiber is found in oats called beta-glucan. Oats are also a rich source of Tocotrienols that affect cholesterol synthesis and reduces cholesterol in the blood.


Contains fiber

Oats being one of the fiber-rich foods helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Fibre is found in the outer layer of the oat grain, known as oat bran. It contains the soluble fiber “beta-glucan”, which helps in making your oats creamy and delicious which is known to help lower cholesterol re-absorption.


Controls Blood Pressure

Oats help in reducing hypertension, high blood pressure if they are provided daily in your diet as they are rich in half soluble fiber. High blood pressure can lead to serious damage to the heart, arteries and blood vessels and lead to various other serious complications.


Protects against Cancer

Having oats in your daily diet can significantly lower the risk of certain types of cancers. The high fiber which is present in oats helps in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. It contains lignans-enterolactone in particular which protects against cancers such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.


Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Daily consumption of whole grains such as oats reduces the risk of diabetes by approximately 60 % as it helps in stabilizing the level of glucose in the blood. The beta-glucans present in oats slows down the digestion. Moreover, it helps in controlling fluctuations in blood sugar level.


Reduces Asthma in Children

Children more often infect from asthma which is most common diseases among them and more than 200 million people suffer from it around the world.  According to the Finnish study, It has shown that early introduction of whole grains such as oats in children’s diet significantly reduces the chances of developing asthma.