How Much Water Should You Drink In A Day & It’s Importance

As I write multifarious blogs on a healthy diet plan, weight loss regime, workout program and so on, it’s not uncommon for the viewers to feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin.  If you’re feeling this way too, my recommendation is to just start with a baby step which leads to an amazing transformation.  The first change I recommend is to focus on water to drink. Water, being one of the important structural components of skin cartilage, tissues and organs it is yet often the most neglected in your day-to-day routine because of our hectic schedule. If people ask you how much water should you drink in a day? You must have said, “ I should drink more water, but…”? Hence you don’t have an apt answer for this. Let me tell you that drinking plenty of water not only helps you feel great as your hunger is being curbed but also boosts your memory and mood.

Let me also throw a light on the question as how much water should you drink but before then that let me lighten on some water facts on our body functions and the importance of water on our daily basis. Our body comprises about 75% of water: the brain has 85% of water, blood is 90% of water, muscles are 75%, the kidney is 82% and bones are 22% water. The functions of our glands and organs will eventually deteriorate if they are not nourished with good, clean water.

7 Benefits Of Drinking Water On A Regular Basis :-


Helps your Organs and Cells to Properly Function

Drinking water helps regulate your body’s entire functions that are it protects your joints and helps in maintaining adequate digestion is one of the benefits of water.


Benefits your Skin

Consuming an adequate amount of water will help you to get rid of the dry, flaky or tight skin. Therefore it prevents aging of skin like wrinkles or fine lines


Substitute for Coffee and Energy Drinks

Drinking water is the best way to increase your metabolism and kick starts your brain, without having caffeine in coffee and intake of energy drinks.


Helps in Weight Loss

Since water is a naturally calorie-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free beverage it helps in your weight loss regime. If you have an intense craving for your favorite sweetened drink, you can curb it by pouring  half a glass of your favorite drink and fill the rest of the glass with pure water


Increase your Focus

As I already mentioned your brain is mostly comprised of water, not having adequate water leads to dehydration which leads to a significant decrease in concentration and memory functioning.


The Cheapest Option

Since water is always the cheapest option in stores and free when you dine out, it is a wiser idea to go with this as you reduce your soda intake or juice purchases which helps you save a few hundred dollars a year.


The Hangover Cure

Are you skeptical having a glass of beer, liquor or wine? Well !! Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body, drinking plenty of water during and after you had your drink alleviates your hangovers. Next time if you’re drinking alcohol, consume a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Although my advice has been to drink 8 glasses of water a day, which I normally follow which answers the query as how much water should you drink in a day. Having said that your daily water intake should be based on your weight. To find out how much water should I drink, take your body weight and divide it by two. Drink that many ounces per day. For example, if you weight 100 pounds, you would drink 50 ounces of water per day. Your body will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy if you haven’t had enough water — so+ 8drink up!!

Water Drinking Schedule

Normally you should follow the typical below drinking water schedule. However, your schedule may vary depending on your daily commitments.

Time Number of Glass Description
6.00 am 1st Glass After waking up
9.00 am 2nd Glass 1 hour after your breakfast
12.00  pm 3rd Glass 30 minutes before lunch
3.30 pm 4th Glass 1 hour after the lunch
5.00 pm 5th Glass In the form of Green Tea to freshen your mind
7.00 pm 6th Glass During dinner
8.30 pm 7th Glass 1 hour after dinner
9.00 pm 8th Glass 1 hour before bedtime

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