Mindful Eating- Control Your Appetite By Doing This !

What Is Mindful Eating

Set your healthy holiday foods table by eating mindfully. Mindful eating is all about improving your relationship with food. If you implement mindful eating, you would enjoy any eating style because it’s not about what you eat; it’s about how you eat.

Here Are Eight Simple Guidelines To Keep In Mind To Mindful Eating


Slow Down

Sit down, take your time, and chew your food slowly. This way you can get our mind and body to communicate what we really need for nutrition. If we slow down, you can give your body a chance to catch up to your brain and hear the signals to eat the right amount. Organize your day and manage your time to ensure that you have an established meal time, without feeling rushed.


Be Aware Of Your Body’s Needs

Set your healthy foods table through awareness of your energy levels and have a snack ready for when you are feeling hungry. Here snack doesn’t mean that you jump into junk food.  You should come to know when you are full and should stop eating.


Focus On Your Food

Have you binged on cheat meal? This is due to the fact that you are distracted while watching T.V, engaging with any electronics and work. Clear your ‘meal space’ and remove any clutter. This is not the time for multi-tasking! This is your time to enjoy your meal.


Treat Yourself

Make sure to have a healthy eating meal such as your diet should be comprised of adequate nutrients, vitamins, right carbohydrates etc but also allow yourself to enjoy those extra special treats. It is to keep in mind that eating mindfully does not mean ‘perfect’ eating.


Consider The Life Cycle Of Your Food

Have you ever wondered what the food we eat comes from beyond the supermarket packaging? Of course it is all the effort being put in right place from the loved ones (and yourself) who prepared it. But apart from them, it is rigorous for those who stocked the shelves, to those who planted and harvested the raw ingredients to those who supported them. This way you can have mindfulness in eating.


Prepare Your Meals

Try to plan your meals in advance and cook your own meals using real ingredients. Healthy eating- To look the best, eat the best by involving with your food every step of the way from purchasing the ingredients at the grocery store, to preparing and cooking it. The result will be a delicious meal for you to sit down and enjoy.


Develop Healthy Eating Environments

Another way that we eat mindlessly is by not focusing proactively on our meals and snacks. Bring yourself into an environment where you feel comfortable, happy, and relaxed. My healthy pantry necessities of food items come when we put our food away in cabinets and fridges.


Enjoy and indulge

You can eat mindfulness by using all your five senses when you bite into your food. You can relish the flavors, the smells, and its textures. I don’t emphasize on the junk food. Having said that bring out your inner ‘foodie’ and appreciate the beautiful colors and presentation of your food.


In today’s busy high paced world, it can be a tedious task at times to practice mindfulness. However, you can find ways to more easily tune into your body by understanding and implementing these basic guiding principles and practices.

Enjoy your meal!