Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter That You Ought To Know

In 1900’s, peanut butter was considered to be a fancy food that was served to those who were rich. So, if you would enter into one of their tea rooms, you may be offered a fancy peanut butter sandwich. Today, peanut butter holds a significant place in the hearts of many adults and child alike since it can be served in schools, restaurants or at homes. Also, as of January 2015, the first Peanut Butter Restaurant opened its doors to the public. Having said, the question is, Is peanut butter healthy for you? Well, in this case, you should be the judge of your own. Here are some of the top health benefits of peanut butter or peanut butter nutritional facts to your regular diet regimens.

    • Source of Protein: Peanut butter is probably one of the most overlooked sources of protein. Peanut butter actually contains a fair amount of protein in it though. Protein in peanut butter accounts to be 7.7 grams, which helps keep your tissues strong and promotes immune function.
    • Curbs cravings for unhealthy food: Peanut butter contains ingredients that make people satisfied and does not lead to having unhealthy food. This is because it possesses monounsaturated fat. Therefore, if you want healthy fat foods to try peanut butter on a piece of toast in the morning, as a result you can cure your cravings.
    • Energize yourself: One of the health benefits of peanut butter is that it gives a boost to your energy level. So next time you grab a coke and a candy bar,  resist yourself and find another alternative that is peanut butter. Because peanut butter has fiber, protein, and healthy fat, it will curb the temptation for all the unnecessary non-healthy foods.
    • Suppresses hunger for weight loss: If you’re looking to aid your workout regime with a food that can both boost testosterone levels and help you lose weight, eating peanut butter helps you a lot as having it daily keeps your energy levels high and assist you in completing difficult workouts.
    • Vitamin Content: Peanut butter has rich source of vitamin E and niacin, or vitamin 3.Vitamin E controls inflammation in your body which helps  in healthy cell-to-cell communication and acts as an antioxidant
    • Beneficial Minerals: Magnesium and copper that you opt for peanut butter over anything else.. Your body relies on both minerals to help activate enzymes, the family of proteins that help drive chemical reactions in your cells. Magnesium- and copper-dependent proteins support energy production.
    • Full of Fibre: Fibre is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Below are some of the benefits of it-
      • Digestion
      • Increase your bodies ability to absorb nutrients
      • Help you feel fuller for longer
    • Great for memory and brain health: In addition to being great for the heart and body, peanut butter can boost your brain health and help to eliminate diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
    • Cure Cancer: In addition to staying heart healthy, the acids present in peanut butter that is folic acid, phytic acid, may also ward against certain types of cancer. Peanuts have been found to protect against colon cancer and in fact  having peanuts or peanut butter just two or more times a week can result in  27% lowered risk in men also known to reduce bad cholesterol and protect against lung, stomach, and prostate cancer.

Things To Prepare With Peanut Butter-

There are some easy peanut butter recipes that you all can try at home

    • Peanut butter protein shake
    • Peanut butter snacks
    • Peanut butter biscuits
    • Peanut butter cookies
    • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    • Peanut butter roll
    • Peanut butter coffee
    • Peanut butter fudge
    • Peanut butter cake

Be Smart in Choosing Your Peanut Butter

    • Read the label. Go for natural, old-fashioned organic peanut butter with no hydrogenated fats.
    • Just make sure that you choose peanut butter that contains only peanuts and salt present in it. Just make sure that it doesn’t contain additives.
    • Refrigerate it so the peanut oils and solids can re-mix well.

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