How to Deal With Social Anxiety Disorder

We all have social anxiety at some point in time. What is a social phobia? It describes the fear of being judged in social situations and the worst part of this is due to the fact when people start talking to other people. If you have a social anxiety disorder, you might experience some social anxiety symptoms like you start breathing rapidly or shaking and many more. This usually leads to avoidance of certain situations, such as social gatherings and job interviews, or eating, speaking, and writing in front of others

Overcoming Social Disorder

What follows are 8 tips for coping with social anxiety. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!


Work with a therapist

If social anxiety is a roadblock for you from doing things you want or needs to do, seek professional help. Find a therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders. Research suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective treatment approaches.


Practice Deep Breathing Every Day

A panic attack is a common phenomenon if you have a social anxiety symptoms.  It’s helpful to engage in deep breathing to overcome that. You should practice this every day. This way it becomes second nature.


Keep A Rational Outlook

Fuel your anxiety and have a rational approach. This is, in fact, one of the best social phobia treatment. For instance, if you’re giving a speech, you might initially think, “I’m going to bomb.” You might be rational instead and have a thought “I’ve given speeches before. I’m prepared, and I’ll give it my best shot.”


Know What You Are Getting Into

A good rule for social anxiety treatment is to know what exactly you need to be prepared for at an event. You can do the following like access the situation at hand, find an estimate on the number of guests invited and attending, know the setting, and find ways to prepare for the evening.


Be Patient

Patience is a virtue when it comes to an anxiety attack. Try not to lose your temper or snap at the person..


Use Distraction Techniques

You can have an anxiety test. You can start by doing walking, reading a book or playing a game. The beneficial effect doing these things is that they will distract the anxious brain and the person tend to calm down naturally.


Know Your Limits

A wise person is one who knows what are his/ her weak points are a person tries to overcome those. While you are at an event, be careful of your limits and know when you are crossing your own boundaries. It is better to step away from the scene for a moment than to continue and walk away from the event disappointed in your actions.



There are some benefits of meditation that you cannot simply neglect and social anxiety treatment is one of them. It’s a fact that medications have not found to be effective without some additional therapy.

Social Anxiety Final Thoughts

The current research suggests that somewhere between 5 – 13% of the population will deal with a social anxiety disorder at some point during their lifetime. You would be astonished to hear that women tend to suffer more from social anxiety than men. It’s not tedious at all to overcome your social phobias provided you take the proper steps to overcome those as social phobias are usually triggered by certain thoughts and events and can be traced.