Breakletics – When Fitness Meets Break Dance In A Smarter Way

Have you got bogged down from your workouts regime? or if I may ask  are you inquisitive to know the CREATIVE and VERSATILE workout that you can engage in? Well ! You can vouch for this post for this. So get ready to groove yourself with Breakletics with some crazy break dance.

Distinct From Your Daily Workout Routine

Breakletics is a fusion of breakdance and athletics combine with pumping music and that you can engross yourself on. So don’t treat yourself with your monotonous daily workout. Having said that it might not be boring for some of them though.

Breakletics in India

I along with my friend, Abhinav Tyagi would like to promote this revolutionary form of workout with break dance in India. Latter being the ONLY certified trainer , pioneer which has undertaken the coaching from  Peter Sowinski (an inventor of this form). Though this form is quite prominent in western countries, India is no less than others. Moreover,  Doing this regime leads to healthy living lifestyle.

Synonymous To Fitness

It is, in fact, a highly effective fitness exercise inspired by breakdance. In simple words, fitness is the ability to carry out the tasks with vigor and alertness. The condition of being physically fit and healthy are prerequisites for this and breakless is not an exception.

Multifaceted Form of Exercise

This form is an exception in its own ways which makes it different from other forms of training.

  • Flexibility: Keep your body fit by engaging yourself doing this workout. As you move your almost whole body it builds flexibility which indeed is pivotal for being in good health.
  • Weight loss: Breakletics is an apt way if you are on a verge of losing weight. This is due to the fact this form of workout burns more calories as compared to your normal workout.
  • Loose belly fat and love handles: This form of amazing workout is perhaps the secret to lose belly fat and shed your love handles. So try this exceptionally different form of exercise.
  • Strength Endurance: Through this form of exercise, you also practice strength endurance in our courses. This is vital as it improves the muscles resistance to fatigue.
  • Balance: During this form sense of balance is required for the exercises and motion sequences that you undergo.
  • Coordination: This fosters coordination between your muscles and body function functions that are responsible for the control and steering of motion sequences.
  • Rhythm: As music is an integral part of breakletics the exercises which are to be performed are executed to the flow of the changing music. The participants need to recognize the rhythm and adjust their dance steps to the set rhythm.
  • Speed: As the tempo increases over time, the participants are trained to move their body and muscles with high speed. The exercises partially build on the ability to move the muscles.

Music plays a VITAL yet INTEGRAL role

Music serves as the basis of the training. Music is an integral part to get into the right flow while exercising which escalates the frolic factor and is a driving force behind it.   The fitness exercises in breakletics are contingent mostly on Hip Hop dance, funky and slightly electrical music.

It’s Invention

This style of an exercise is invented by Peter or Peter Sowinski, a sports scientist and bboy since 1999, through combining breaking steps with fitness exercises which amalgamates classical functional exercises (e. g. Plank workout or Pushup) and basic elements of breakdancing.

Learn Breakletitics Online

I provide online training to those who enroll for this multifarious yet creative workout fused with amazing break dance. A part of assisting with breakletics, some healthy eating diet plans, and body weight training are something which  I have a forte on.

So, guys send me your enquires now. Moreover, You can also get connected on my social media networks like Instagram or Facebook and BreakleticsIndia Account. Let’s make your workout program as a smarter one by introducing this form. For free workout register yourself .